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Here's a Checklist for your Next Interview!

I have been taking quite a few interviews for #hiring two therapists for handling the #probono cases at #therapybysaniya over these two weeks. There are some observations that I have made and I feel that my sharing them here can benefit #buddingpsychologists

🎯 Know your vision: It's essential to reflect and know why you have applied for the role and what will sustain your motivation

📑 Is your CV up to the mark? : Yes, employers do read your Cv! Have you updated everything and is it written ethically? Do you feel 100% confident about answering anything that's written there?

👉🏻 Job description: You must read the job description very carefully. Asking questions to the employer about what has already been mentioned is a No-No

🎖️ Skill-set: Do you feel you have all the right skills to apply for the job? If not, are you aware of the same and how do you plan to conquer the same? Let your employer know your plans

Ask questions: Do ask your employer questions related to the job description. Feel free to understand how things work in the organisation you are applying to

🗣️ Prepare an introduction: You will most likely be asked to tell something about YOU. Most people fumble there

🙃 Take role-plays seriously: Your interviewer is checking your skills! Remember to not forget basics-non-judgmental attitude, ethics, reflection, paraphrasing etc.,!

As a personal rule, I always send emails to people who have not been selected and I always write brief feedback as to what made me not select them. 8/10 times I do not receive a reply. The ones who reply surely go to my "Reach out again" folder! 😊

Disappointment is absolutely understandable, however, I believe that if someone (who is also a potential future employer) is making an effort to send an email and feedback, it does warrant a reply! The mental health fraternity is a small one and we strongly work on referrals! Agree?


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